The paleontological lab is in duty of the fossil collection, which origin goes back to the natural history cabinet opened in 1854 by the Society of sciences. The management and the conservation of the existing material completed by new acquisitions permanently upgrade the collection in order to promote paleontological research and to guaranty the quality of the present and future exhibitions.

The study of fossils and fossil site together with research projects in regional and general paleontology contribute to a better knowledge of our geological underground and former life in our region. Scientific results and their implication for earth sciences are continuously presented to the public by temporary and permanent exhibitions, publications, colloquiums and conferences.

Together with our scientific collaborators, the paleontological lab tries to fulfil all for inquiries from public, private offices and administrations concerning our domains of competence. We sustain local museums with paleontological or geological content and we encourage conservation of sites with a particular interest for earth sciences. In deed our collection gains in value by simultaneous conservation of geological sites allowing to localise specimens in their natural context.

Research subjects

  • Lower Devonian of the Eislek and Eifel
  • Evolution of fossil vertebrates
  • Jurassic Cephalopods from Paris Basin
  • Liasic Gastropods
  • Geological sites
  • Biostratigraphy