Geophysics and astrophysics

The research activities of the department of geo/astrophysics are currently focused on geophysics. Thus, has been developed since 2005 a centre of excellence in satellite aperture radar interferometry (InSAR). This technique allows, under certain conditions, the measurement of sub-centimetre ground-deformations. Our combined expertise in the study of crustal deformation by in-situ methods and satellite monitoring, involves us in various international projects of research, evaluation of natural hazards and development assistance. In addition, we work closely with the European Centre for Geodynamics and Seismology (ECGS).

In museology, the head of the department is responsible for the permanent exhibitions devoted to astronomy and geophysics. He also periodically curates temporary or travelling exhibitions developed, designed and presented at the “natur musée” (Prenez Votre … Temps!, Tiefgekühlt, X-tra X-o).

The members of the department are also involved in educational activities of the museum through regular activities to promote astronomy with children, kids, teens and adults of all ages.

Research Topics

  • Geodynamics:
    • studies of natural and anthropogenic ground- deformation and movements in Luxembourg (surveillance of buildings and structures, landslides, collapse of mine …)
    • volcanic risk assessment and impact on health in the Goma region (North Kivu, DR Congo)
    • study and satellite monitoring of 4 active volcanic areas in Africa (Cape Verde, Cameroon, Tanzania, DR Congo)
  • Seismology (in collaboration with ECGS):
    • Registration of local seismicity (small magnitude) and seismic risk assessment in Luxembourg
    • Analysis of permanent background noise in Luxembourg
    • Recording of distant earthquakes
    • Study of the composition of the lithosphere beneath Luxembourg