Geology and mineralogy

The research group of the geology / mineralogy department base his research projects on the study of our national patrimony; with taking an interest in the regional datas or by studying our collections. Detailed study of the old mines from Luxembourg, collect of news mineralogical data on the field, or study of specimens conserved in our collections are different ways to establish new research themes.

A systematic and scientific approach, and a partnership with other geological and mineralogical laboratories, permit us to realize studies as complete as possible on our patrimony. A team of dynamic research associates, and some conscientiousness PhD students, play a dynamic role in these studies.
We first use a naturalist approach in our research subjects and we had after all the modern analytical possibilities to try to support our hypothesis; and we put two and two together with the respect of the scientific approach and our primary observations…

Research Topics

  • Mineralogy of Luxembourg: Inventory of the minerals species and their localities
  • Study of polymetal deposits from Luxembourg
  • The Rocks of Luxembourg: Creation of a lithotheca and microscopic analysis of the facies
  • Sedimentological and sequential analyses of the Quartzite of Berlé and Jurassic formations (Luxembourg)
  • Mineralogy and petrography of pegmatites (Brazil, Congo, …)
  • Rare minerals and New Species …