The botany department manages the herbarium and its cataloged specimens. The aim is to enrich the collections by collecting new specimens, cataloging the old and integrating new herbariums, obtained by legacies, donations or purchases. This includes the organization and the management of international loans and the organization and control of scientific research on plants and especially those of the luxembourg flora to come to a list of endangered plants, the famous “Red List” . This lists of references are important to any serious cataloging work. The research areas are the classification, structure, needs of the plants.

The Living plant collections’ projects are focused on the native rare and threatened shrubs. This includes gathering of up to date data on the repartition of native rare and endangered shrubs, analyzing the composition and evolution of the populations and studying their genetic diversity. The general aim is to gather valid information on the conservation status of these species in order to contribute to the protection of natural biodiversity in our countryside.

Research Topics

  • Ecology and genetic diversity of native shrubs
  • Conservation biology of native shrubs