Invertebrate Zoology

The main mission of the department of invertebrate zoology is to document the biodiversity of invertebrates in Luxembourg.  Classical tools, such as the study of the museum’s collection and field-based research, are employed in order to generate inventories of different invertebrate groups as well as to estimate the abundance and geographic distribution of different species. The ultimate objective of this research is to gain a better understanding of Luxembourg’s biodiversity heritage and to ensure adequate conservation measures are taken.  In the future, genetic tools will be used more extensively in the research of the department. For example, one major research focus will be the genetic diversity of and connectivity between populations of invasive invertebrates.

Head of department: Alain Frantz, phone: +352 46 22 40 – 200

Research Topics

  • Systematic (re)-organisation of the museum’s invertebrate collection
  • Inventory and geographic distribution of Luxembourg’s invertebrate fauna
  • Conservation, population and invasion genetics