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The Department of Ecology focuses its scientific research activities on biological invasions and the assessment of risks posed by invasive alien species (neobiota), on the synthesis of knowledge on Luxembourg’s vegetation, and on the climate of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, within the framework of co-operation with national and foreign institutions and through scientific publications and contributions to the Museum’s databases on Luxembourg’s natural heritage.

In terms of awareness-raising and educational activities, the Section organizes scientific symposia and conferences, exhibitions, publishes specialized websites and publishes and updates popularized scientific content on the Internet.

Curator of the Department of Ecology: Dr Christian Ries, phone (+352) 46 22 33 – 416.

Extensive meadow (Arrhenatherion) - Mertert - 08.05.2007 © Simone Schneider

Extensive meadow (Arrhenatherion) – Mertert – 08.05.2007 © Simone Schneider