Ferrantia – Travaux scientifiques du MnhnL

Ferrantia is a series of monographic works (ISSN 1682-5519) dealing with life and earth sciences, preferably related in some way or other to the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. It publishes original results of botanical, zoological, geological, paleontological, mineralogical, geophysical and astrophysical research and related fields. A complete issue may be devoted to several papers on a single topic as the responsibility of an invited editor. Instructions to authors

Recent issues of Ferrantia

The new title Ferrantia – Travaux scientifiques du Musée national d’histoire naturelle honours Victor Ferrant (1856-1942), assistant-curator, then curator of the national museum of natural history following Alphonse de la Fontaine, from 1894 to 1940 and founding member of the  Société des Naturalistes Luxembourgeois. As a true naturalist and internationally renowned scientist, Ferrant was noted for his works in zoology, prehistory, geology and paleontology. An impressive number of species and even a genus have been dedicated to his honour.

The first issue of the ‘Travaux scientifiques du MnhnL’ was published in 1981. Starting with volume 33 in 2002, the ‘Travaux scientifiques du MnhnL” appeared under the name Ferrantia, in a new format and modern layout.

The different issues of the series can be downloaded from the museum site:

During the closing period for renovation until end of 2016, Ferrantia hard copies will only be available by correspondance.

The series Ferrantia is distributed through the exchange of scientific publications that the Musée national d’histoire naturelle keeps up with more than 150 international scientific institutions. The scientific collaborators of the museum, as well as the public institutions such as the administrations, schools, embassies, environmental institutions, … each recieve one copy.

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