The Recorder software

Recorder is a tool for the management of natural heritage observation and collection data.

Recorder for observation data

Recorder is a software package which allows to manage occurrence data on animals, plants, fungi and biotopes. Recorder has been developed on the initiative of JNCC (Joint Nature Conservation Council) in the United Kingdom to help create the National Biodiversity network (National Biodiversity Network – NBN). This network provides tools for naturalists to enter and manage their own data, exchange them with others and contribute them to local record centers or the NBN. The exchange of data is made via xml or zip access files which follow a data standard in a DTD (Document type definition).

Recorder in Luxembourg

The Museum adopted Recorder to the specific needs of the Luxembourg naturalist’s community.It paid for the implementation of the Luxembourg geographic coordinate system as an addin module of Recorder, integrated dictionnary lists of local taxonomies, biotope lists as well as lists of placenames and administrative boundaries. Recorder is used by the Museum to manage its central database on biodiversity data of Luxembourg. It has also been distributed to a number of scientific collaborators of the Musuem who enter and manage their own data and send copies of their data in the standard exchange format to the Museum. The Museum also provides Recorder copies to consultancies and ONG’s and organises workshops.

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Recorder for the management of collections

In 2004 the Museum initiated the development of a collections module for Recorder to manage its botanical, mineralogical , paleontological and zoological specimens.

Fig. 1: View of object classes in the collection module

Fig. 2: Collection browser window in Recorder

Fig. 3 : A thesaurus manages the lists of concepts used in the collections module: taxonomy, descriptors, specimen types, conservation methods, etc….

The development has been financed by the eCulture project of the ministry of culture, Luxembourg and by eLuxembourg.