Natural heritage information facility

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The natural heritage information facilility manages a database of occurrences of species and of biotopes of Luxembourg, as well as data on the specimens of its botany, zoology,fossil mineral and rock collections. However, the Museum does not only deal with its own data but collates data of naturalists and conservationists and encourages data sharing among people inolved in the research and in the conservation of the natural heritage.The database of the Museum is accessible online on a data portal It is also connected to international portals sharing bio- and geo-diversity data (GBIF, BioCASE, GeoCASE).

Themes and missions

  • Be the national bio- and geo-diversity node : collate, standardise, integrate, validate and secure data,
  • Manage the Thesaurus: establish and update reference lists (taxonomic, checklists, biotope lists, measurement types, collection methods,…),
  • Present data on the internet for the general public, for schools scientisist, conservationnists and managers,
  • Get the general public and schools interested in biodiversity,
  • Participe in international projects and networks on data sharing to contribute to a better knowledge on natural heritage in Europe and in the World,
  • Coordinate future developments and assure maintenance of existing database software in the domain of bio- and geodiversity,
  • Initiate and participate in scientific projects on data analysis.