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Christoph Muster & Marc Meyer (2014) Verbreitungsatlas der Weberknechte des Großherzogtums Luxemburg Ferrantia 70, Musée national d’histoire naturelle, Luxembourg, 112 p. publication date: 8 mars 2014 Texte complet (PDF) Abstract: The knowledge of the harvestmen fauna in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is summarized by means of a distribution atlas. This study is based on.. Lire la suite

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Study of the Cerambycidae of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The Cerambycidae is a family of phytophagous Coleoptera widespread in Europe with ~550 species. Their larvae are mostly xylophagous or even saproxylic, acting as primary decomposers of dead or senescent trees. Since some species also have moderate size and pluriannual larval development, Cerambycids are considered high bioindicators of the state of forest health, having become.. Lire la suite

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Inventory of the Sawflies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: Ecology, distribution, phenology

With the current data we can estimate that Luxembourg has approximately 135 species less than Belgium. This difference is due to the lack of interest that this suborder has generated here. Furthermore, the collections have not been carried out systematically and especially a substantial part of the country was not covered. This project will provide.. Lire la suite

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