Preservation of arable plant species in Luxemburg with protected fields, arable plant reserves and organic farming

Maximilian Lenerz1, Christian Ries2, Thomas van Elsen3 & Simone Schneider2, 4 1 Kapellenstraße 3a, D-54552 Mehren. 2 Abteilung für Ökologie, Nationalmuseum für Naturgeschichte, 25, rue Münster, L-2160 Luxembourg, 3 Universität Kassel, FB 11, Fachgebiet Ökologischer Land- und Pflanzenbau, Nordbahnhofstr. 1a, D-37213 Witzenhausen., 4 Naturschutzsyndikat SICONA, 12, rue de Capellen, L-8293 Olm... Lire la suite

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Ferrantia 75

Roland Proess 2016 Verbreitungsatlas der Amphibien des Großherzogtums Luxemburg Ferrantia 75, Musée national d’histoire naturelle, Luxembourg, 37 p. publication date: 15 October 2016 price: 15 € Full text (PDF) Abstract The first Atlas of the Amphibian Fauna of Luxembourg was published in 2003. Since then, and especially since 2010, intensive research and the use of.. Lire la suite

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European Regional IBRA Meeting : Buckwheat in Europe – History, Culture, Gastronomy and Nutrition (10-12/12/2015)

European Regional IBRA Meeting: The purpose of the European Regional IBRA conference is to share ideas, problems and solutions on various aspects of both common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) and tartary buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum). Issues in the following fields are discussed from 10th to 12th December 2015 at the National Museum of Natural History in Luxembourg:.. Lire la suite

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André Konter  2015 Aberrant plumages in grebes Podicipedidae An analysis of albinism, leucism, brown and other aberrations in all grebe species worldwide. Ferrantia 72, Musée national d’histoire naturelle, Luxembourg, 206 p. publication date: September 25th  2015 price: 15 € Full text (PDF)   Abstract: Records of aberrant grebes Podicipedidae of all species worldwide (i.e. mentioned.. Lire la suite

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Christoph Muster & Marc Meyer (2014) Verbreitungsatlas der Weberknechte des Großherzogtums Luxemburg Ferrantia 70, Musée national d’histoire naturelle, Luxembourg, 112 p. publication date: 8 mars 2014 Texte complet (PDF) Abstract: The knowledge of the harvestmen fauna in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is summarized by means of a distribution atlas. This study is based on.. Lire la suite

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Consequences of ploidy level on the reproductive isolation, ecological niche differentiation and plasticity of two subspecies of Saxifraga rosacea

Abstract Despite technological advances at the molecular level, it is still difficult to differentiate two subspecies of closely related taxa. It is often necessary to combine genetic techniques with ecological studies to distinguish each of them. The main purpose of the present project is to assess the importance of ecological niche differentiation that can be.. Lire la suite

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