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Braun, U., A. Y. Khodosovtsev, V. V. Darmostuk & P. Diederich, 2016. Trichoconis hafellneri sp. nov. on Athallia pyracea and Xanthoria parietina, a generic discussion of Trichoconis and keys to the species of this genus. Herzogia 29: 307-314. Cezanne, R., M. Eichler, X. Mestdagh, N. Titeux & P. Diederich, 2016. Zur Bestandssituation der Rentierflechten (Cladonia-Arten.. Lire la suite

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Relict species


Habel, J. C. & T. Assmann (Eds.) 2010. Relict Species: Phylogeography and Conservation Biology. XV, 449 p. 91 illus., 10 in color., Hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-540-92159-2. Proceedings of a symposium held in 2007 at the Luxembourg national museum of natural history.

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The Luxembourg System – Building a national bio-and geo-diversity node

Author: Tania Walisch Source: Ferrantia 51, Proceedings of the first international Recorder conference (2007), 151 pages, Walisch, T (ed.). Abstract The Luxembourg National Museum of Natural History (LNMNH) has the mission to assemble and manage observation and collection data on biological and geological diversity and to make this information available to the public. The Museum.. Lire la suite

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