Museum Night @ natur musée — party with DJ before closing for transformations

The National Museum of Natural History – ‘natur musée’ will close after the Museum Night in Luxembourg on October 8th. So the museum staff is inviting to a combined Museum Night and closing party with DJ Nilles until 3 am.

Nilles-scene-2The last day to be open will be October 8th, and the final renovation works for the new permanent exhibitions of the museum will start just as soon as the museum closes. The museum’s direction plans on reopening in the beginning of 2017.

Before the museum shuts down for its complete transformation, it will host the annual Museum Night organized by d’stater muséeën. The Museum Night at ‘natur musée’ will have a Latin American theme with Latin music, dance and food.

It will also be a last chance to see the museum’s latest exhibition success About orchids, cacao and hummingbirds – Luxembourgish naturalists and planthunters in Latin America. So, it’s a great opportunity for a last party, until the museums reopens with a bigger party in 2017.

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